Innovative and unique
The birthplace of CAPMEEs

To meet the requirements of our product, we tested numerous producers and finally found the perfect partner in the Far East. Our producer combines German quality with Asian speed while keeping a close eye on details and compliance with our production guidelines.

All materials we use are certified, and TÜV tested to European standards.
Our prototype laboratory is located in Germany, where new designs and materials are thoroughly tested before they go into series production.

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With attention to details

All our designs are created in Germany. To achieve a perfect result, we work closely with select developers and designers from the initial idea to the final CAD drawing.
The attention to even the minutest detail is what makes our product so unique and personal.

After the first prototypes have passed inspection, serial production begins. Frequent quality tests are conducted throughout the entire duration of production period.
Only after all the tests and quality checks have been carried out by our production managers, will the CAPMEEs leave the production and be sent to their destination.
In this way, we ensure our customers a unique product of optimal quality.
Innovative. Creative. Individual. That’s what CAPMEE stands for.

Social Issues
With attention to details

It is crucial to us to return something to the community.
That is why we try to collaborate with social institutions, such as disabled workshops, who are enthusiastic about working on our projects.
Although CAPMEEs should are a symbol, they should also stand as a symbol of the solidarity between individuals, no matter what your background or social standing.
CAPMEE is intended to break boundaries and open hearts.

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